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GoodFlow helps car companies to replenish their inventory and find the cars that their customers want. John Veldpaus has worked for 30 years as used car manager for large car companies such as Volvo, Mercedes, Maserati and Renault. The past 8 years he worked at Van Laarhoven BMW and now uses his experience and network for his own company GoodFlow.

Purchase or sale

Purchase or sale

of cars

We know very well how important it is to have a varied range of cars so you can continue to attract customers. You want your showroom to be the first that customers visit. In addition, GoodFlow ensures that trade-in cars, that don’t fit in your own showroom, end up with a private person or other car company that is looking for that car.

You can rely on GoodFlow for the purchase or sale of a single car, an entire stock, as well as appraisals. Rates are in consultation.

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